Why Most SEO Experts in India are Bullsh*t – Proved by 7 Rock-Solid Reasons

A majority of SEO experts in India are only name sake. (By majority meaning a real big deal) And what’s more alarming is this tribe of self-proclaimed expert SEO is only growing by the day.

After going through this post, if you find someone call himself “Expert SEO India” or “SEO Guru/Swamy/Pandit”  or an “Internet Expert India” you can very well decide if it’s bullsh*t or not!

[Statutory warning: The basis for this post is “hands-on” experience with various SEOs we have seen in our career as the same. No offense to anyone!]

SEO Experts in India - Bullsh*t

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SEO Tip of the Day

Here’s the SEO Tip of the Day

Did you know? Meta keywords are not a part of Google’s ranking algorithm. So, no matter how many keywords you may “stuff” in meta keywords section, it’s not going to help you gain high ranks.
Focus more on creating seo & user-friendly meta title & meta description instead.

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